AO | All One

AO is Peak Visions 18 to 30 somethings.  AO (short for All & One), encompasses many people within this age range, from school leavers, young professionals, students and young parents.  


We're big on leading and shaping culture. Exclusively inclusive to create opportunities to build community and find new friends. We're on a constant journey to elevate our friends, family and our community.

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Coming in 2021


Meet up with the crew for dinner and a deep dive in to biblical insights, revelations and real world stories.  LYF is oxygen for the spirit and soul. From 5:30pm every Saturday. (Starting 13 Feb. 2021)

Location: Peak Vision Church (Cafe & Red Room)

AO 717

Coffee and hanging out every Saturday with the crew from AO. The start of every month is planned events, so stay tuned to our website or get on insta or our FB group for info.  From 7:17pm every Saturday. (Starting 13 Feb. 2021)

Location: Peak Vision Church (Cafe) 

AO Podcast

AO brings you conversations to challenge and inspire you. The podcast is hosted by the AO team and includes Kent Thompson our Pastor. You can listen on most platforms including, Spotify, Google Podcasts and iTunes

For shout outs and questions for our podcast crew, email us at: