Missions - Hawke's Bay

Our vision at Peak Vision Church has always been about going beyond our church and making an impact in the community. If you'd like to support the people and teams behind each of these causes either with your time or financially please contact the office. //get in contact here.


Peak Pro(visions) gives back to those who are need in our community. By simply adding a grocery item to your weekly shopping, you can make a difference. 


Each month we will share a list of 2-3 house hold items, these are packaged at the end of the year sent to families in need. 


At the back of the church you will see the container for the house hold items.  See Peak news or our Sunday newsletter for the monthly items.

Peak Pro(Visions)


Christmas time is not always easy for some the kids in our Hawkes Bay community.  By partnering with Peak we can make a difference together. 

In November we start collecting presents for presents for kids.  It's simply adding one or two more gifts to your Christmas shopping list.  


We will share more how you can be involved closer to the end of the year.