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Generosity is our heart and we love being generous with our time, treasure and talents.  God has given richly towards us, it's our honour to give it back to him. 

Simple and secure. Give a single gift, or schedule recurring giving using your debit/credit card, online banking or in person

Peak Pro(visions) gives back to those who are need in our community. Learn how you can be the difference with your weekly shopping.

Peak is our amazing community we love to share our talents, trades and work.


Give through our tithely app.




We have a weekly offering on Sunday's or see the tithe box in the foyer and Eftpos at the cafe. 


peak pro(visions)

 the power of generosity 

Peak Pro(visions) gives back to those who are need in our community. By simply adding a grocery item to your weekly shopping, you can make a difference.


Each month we will share a list of 2-3 house hold items, these are packaged at the end of the year sent to families in need.


At the back of the church you will see the container for the house hold items.  




Milo/Hot Chocolate


Christmas time is not always easy for some the kids in our Hawkes Bay community.  By partnering with Peak we can make a difference together. 

In November we start collecting presents for presents for kids.  It's simply adding one or two more gifts to your Christmas shopping list.  


We will share more how you can be involved closer to the end of the year.  


peak life

 love that 

Peak is our amazing community, we love to share our talents, trades and work. 

Like any community there is always something happening, being involved is be being a part of something much bigger, finding your place, and possibly learning a new skill set.

Peak has a wide range teams you can be a part. Contact the office for more info 


Some of our teams:

Creative - music | worship | arts | film | video production

Team Welcome - first contact (helping new people) | kiosk info | security

Food - cafe | baking | barista | servers

Community - Te Hahi | prison outreach | peak pro(visions)


Every few months we get together and work on projects around Peak. 

peak   's community

a heart for people

As a church community we support so many amazing causes! There's Peak Pro (and with it - Give-A-Gift) that we collect for throughout the year for Christmas time. There are other amazing causes too, like Jackson's blessing, prison ministries, Christian Lovelink, Summerset ministries, Te Hahi and others that our people give their time and efforts to regularly. 

Some that we proudly back financially are listed below. 

To sow into any of these amazing causes, contact the office, or just put through a deposit with the name of the cause as a reference.

Giants Boxing Academy

The Hastings Boxing Academy under the umbrella of The Hawkes Bay Youth Trust was established in 2015 by Craig McDougall and aims to instil discipline and provide a structure of Olympic style boxing to teach young men and women how to be fit, well-mannered and active members of our community.

ShineGIRL and Strength

The courses encourage participants to find the strength and courage within them to make healthy choices and live to their full potential. Shine & Strength courses are produced by Hillsong CityCare to ages 11-14 to help them realise their worth and value.
Ukraine Orphans
We met Olga through missionaries serving in Russia. The orphanage soon had to move to the Ukraine for safety and is now run by Irina who we have a good relationship with, receiving regular updates on how she is caring for not only the orphans but the children of her impoverished community, bringing them up and giving them love according to Christian values. 
Wazizi Upendo

Wazazi Upendo was inspired by Jack, Sari, Tony and Judy Lamborn after a trip they took back in 2000. On this trip they saw the desperate need to support orphans in getting an education to provide them hope and a future.

By sponsoring a child, you are partnering with these women to provide an education and a future for the children of the Bukoba (Tanzania) district who would otherwise be disadvantaged through no fault of their own. God Bless you for your compassion.


Child sponsorship is $15 per month and all money goes directly to Wazazi Upendo, there are no overhead costs. If child sponsorship is something you would like to do, please message us.