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Our New Season - December 2021

An update from Kent & Pania. They share on what church will look like this weekend.

This new season is bringing challenges for everyone, this includes how we do church. Starting December we will evolve similar to the early church, and that is meeting together in peoples homes.

It has become imperative to be together without segregation and separation. PeakVC continues our mandate, connecting people with God and sharing the message of hope.

This isn't a 'cup half full' or 'cup half empty' scenario, but faith that our 'cup runneth over' because we serve a God who knows no limits. Join in with the many house churches that have opened their doors for you, around Hawkes Bay.

See peakvisionchurch.co.nz/bookings for more info. or email peakvisionchurch@xtra.co.nz.

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