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Updated: Aug 1

Good afternoon, dear PEAK VISION church!

Summer is in full swing! We travel a lot! Our children are very fond of swimming in our river Dnieper. Too bad we can't go swimming in the lake. Now we are not allowed to visit the forest and lakes because of the war. in our city it is quiet and calm, but we know that there is a war nearby.

The enemy has come to steal, kill and destroy. Enemy missiles are destroying cities in Ukraine and the lives of many of our citizens. We know that one should not be subjected to fear or despair. We pray for our Victory! But the war makes its own adjustments to our lives. Fuel prices have risen by 80%, at some gas stations and more. Poor quality fuel. Due to the poor quality of diesel and the quality of roads, our car needs to be repaired almost every monthThis problem is not only with us, all drivers complain about the poor quality of fuel. Store prices are also on the rise. We don't know what will happen tomorrow. But today we choose to enjoy life!

Our soldiers protect us. Missiles and planes do not fly over us. And we enjoy the summer: we go to the beach, eat cherries, go to our favorite cafe for a master class, go to a dairy farm for fresh milk and ryazhenka - it's so delicious! Recently, a master class on facial care for teenagers was held at the Lighthouse cafe. The girls were happy to do all the procedures, but our boys also liked it!

Children are very grateful to all the volunteers who find an opportunity to teach children some new skills during this difficult time. Children are always welcomed here very friendly and always treated to free milkshakes or lemonade! Kids love this cafe so much!

And what is childhood without a bike? Speed, wind, racing - it's all so exciting! We love summer!

Urgent Need for Prayer

Oksana (the mother of Rostik and Natasha) gave her share in a large plot of land 6 years ago to one deceitful woman for half of this house where they now live. Oksana, like almost all people who abuse alcohol, is a very naive woman who does not listen to advice. Oksana said that this is her friend and soon the documents for the house will be ready.. several years have passed, and this swindler woman began to prepare for the eviction of this family. She often came and said that it was time for them to get out of the house. And a few days ago, she came with her sister and nephew, armed with a club, and began to throw their things out. Oksana called the police, it's good that at that moment she was sober. But the police could do nothing to help them, because there are no documents confirming their legal right to live in the house. Oksana wrote about the phenomenon of fraud on the part of this woman and took her to the regional center. judgment must take place.

I ask for your prayer that God intercede for this weak woman Oksana, protect her family from evil people, lead the deceitful woman out of their way, give her salvation and faith in Jesus Christ.

This family so desperately needs the touch of God on their hearts. What the children in this family see every day is something children should not see or hear. Often in the house curses and fights are heard. Very often children spend the night with me, but there are days when they go home. I know that God has a way. Rostik becomes irritable towards his mother, often yells at her. Natasha, looking at her older brother, also quarrels with her mother.

This family plants a vegetable garden every spring. Rostik digs the ground, he waters and takes care of the garden. Oksana grew up in the village and was accustomed to work from childhood, their family had a lot of living creatures and her parents planted a lot of vegetables. But, unfortunately, the craving for alcohol drowned out the love of work. Now everything is growing very well, the children are waiting for fresh vegetables. Chickens bring eggs well, every day for 5-8 pieces.

But most of all I am worried about the ever-increasing aggressiveness in the family. worries about the state of the heart of the mother and her children. I ask for your prayers for this family, which for so many years cannot get out of the crisis. Only God's intervention can help them.

Working with families in crisis Family: mother Natasha and her children Vika and Vlad.

This is one of the most prosperous families that I help. Natasha constantly works and takes care of her children as best she can. Vika has moved to the 6th grade, but still cannot read (it happens with us!). we hired a tutor to train her, but, unfortunately, the war did not allow her to finish her studies. Vika does not make an effort to study, and her mother cannot guide her. The house they rent is very small and old. Mom doesn't drink or smoke. Children grow up in mother's love and care. Vika was very afraid to go to the hairdresser, her mother always cut her hair. Recently, for the first time (!) Vika had a haircut at the hairdresser's. She really liked it. Do you like the new haircut? But it's also a complex family. Vika is far behind her classmates in studies. Vlad is left to himself and spends all his free time walking with friends.

Soon we will go to the Carpathians. Vika and Vlad never traveled far from Rzhishchev. And for the first time such a long journey. They are filled with the joy of travel. We buy everything we need for the trip, we collect backpacks. Preparing gifts for the game "Secret Friend".

We pray that it will not rain so that we can raft down the river and go hiking in the mountains. Learning a new song for evening gatherings around the campfire.

I'm so happy for these kids. Despite poverty and disorder, they are always cheerful. They never get discouraged. I pray that God will speak to Vladik's heart. Recently, he goes to church less and less.

Delivery of food packages for families in crisis

For the first time in many years that I have known her, Nastya planted a vegetable garden. All the sprouts have already sprouted and soon there will be a harvest. Children are especially happy, they are waiting for tomatoes, cucumbers and especially watermelons to appear! All the people of our city are trying to work more in their gardens, so that in winter there is something to eat. All people hope that the war will end in the fall, but so far there are fierce battles in the south and east of our country. Every month, I bring food packages to crisis families. This is a great support for these families.

We think about the approaching winter with anxiety: will it be cold in winter, will people have earnings, will people have enough potatoes and vegetables for a long time to live through the winter. But we trust in God and know that we will not be put to shame. Thank you dear friends for your support and prayers for us and our ministry! May God reward you a hundredfold for all the good that you do for us! May peace always be in your country!

Irina Klimova


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