Ukraine Update from Irina-23 Mar. 2022

Updated: Mar 26

Good afternoon Peakvisionchurch!

21 day war Today we have announced a 35-hour curfew in Kiev and the Kiev region. Nobody says why. we must not leave the house until 17.03 until 7 o'clock in the morning. On the Internet, they said that we should be vigilant, because saboteurs under the guise of volunteers can go to Kyiv. After a strong cold snap and snow, the sun came out. Such beautiful weather. We drove to our favorite place. On a mountain near the Dnieper.

Such expanses around, so beautiful, I can’t even believe that there is a war going on. And somewhere people have nowhere to sleep and nothing to eat, and many wounded. War is so scary. Yesterday, the first 160 cars with people left Mariupol. Many cars have been shot and they have nothing to drive. Cars leave crowded, all people help each other. So long there was no news from our relatives and friends.

Маша жива! (Masha is alive!)

Our Masha replied that everything was fine with her family, they hid in a neighboring village. The young guy Kolya also left our church and said that many people hid in the basement of our church on the left bank. Many did not want to leave because it was very dangerous. But it is even more dangerous to stay in the city, because everything is on fire. He lived in a neighboring house near me and said that our entire area was on fire, no one was putting out the fire, and Russian tanks had entered there. It's so hard to hear.... I don’t know anything about our former pupils - Misha and Bogdan Omelchenko, about Danil, Nikita, Lera and Dasha Abakumenko. But, pray and hope they are alive.

Another good news is that Olya, who used to work with us, also got out of Bucha and she is already in the Czech Republic with her children and her mother. The husband stayed at home in a small village not far from Bucha. And this is a very dangerous area.

I bought fuel cans, I bought diesel. I hope that will be enough for 800 km. Even with traffic jams and queues at roadblocks. I prepared a “disturbing suitcase” with documents and necessary things. Hope this doesn't come in handy.

I talked to Natasha and Rostik's mother. she does not want to leave in case of an offensive. Nastya, the mother of Ilya and Masha is ready to leave with the children, but the mother of Vlad and Vika does not want to leave. Andrei signed up for the territorial defense and goes on duty at the checkpoint. hope we don't have to leave our small town.

Refugees from Kyiv and Rostik and Natasha live in my house. Children often come, we watch cartoons. Yesterday, classes began at the School remotely. We were doing homework after a long break in classes. The children were cheerful and active. We had a good time.

There are more products in the city. Sellers bring milk and eggs by car. Fish, bread, fruits and vegetables, sausage. Meat and biscuits appeared in stores. We buy groceries and deliver to children. Sometimes we visit old and poor people. Thank you for your help and support.

22nd day of the war.

Between the moment I woke up - I have a gap from one to several seconds of a peaceful life. birds sing outside the window, you can see how the first rays of the sun illuminate the trees and the sky in a small crack between the curtain. I leave it on purpose at night to see the sky in the morning....And then comes the realization - war. Inhuman, deceitful to the point of outrageousness, cruel... I still find it difficult to comprehend it in its entirety, it penetrates deep into the stories of refugees, news, stories of friends who left Mariupol and endlessly long beeps on the phone from those who remained in Mariupol...Destroyed cities, a bomb dropped on a maternity hospital, shot cars with civilians... Pain, pain, pain...

драмтеатр в мариуполе (Drum theater in Mariupol)

Yesterday the Drum theater, which I loved to go to so much .. it was written in huge letters - Children. But the killer's enemies dropped the bomb anyway. There are two walls left. Yesterday they could not even get close to the rubble to try to pull people out of there. But today - joy, they began to dismantle the rubble and people are alive! The bomb shelter survived. Today, finally, there is a connection with the neighbors in my house. Dasha, she is 37 years old, her little daughter is 2 years old and her husband are leaving Mariupol. It's very dangerous, very. they shoot in the street, they say that cars are shot, but people go anyway, because there is simply nowhere to hide and live. Our apartment and the apartment of neighbors are broken. They hid in the inner common corridor. Today they are leaving, I pray for them all the time...

We try to do some things to distract ourselves. Today we went to repair the roof of our Andrei. The roof over the kitchen collapsed. And in my yard there are old sheets of roofing iron and boards. I hired a worker who will cover the roof with sheets of roofing iron from above. Andrey and his mother are very grateful for the help!

Thank you, thanks to you, we can help people. thank you

God bless you

Irina Klimova

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