UkraineUpdate from Irina-22 Feb. 22

Updated: Mar 16

We've received another update including a full financial statement outlining where all of our donations are being spent from Irina in the Ukraine as we as a church continue to support her with monthly donations. Her accountability is amazing - especially in a time like this where Ukraine is under a very real threat of invasion from Russia who is already at their borders at making moves. In Irina's words:

"Thank you for your prayers and your support! Thanks to your donations, today I can start buying the most necessary things for families in crisis if a war breaks out. All media are calling on the population of Ukraine to prepare for war. I'm sending you a map showing the actions Russian troops are taking along the border with Ukraine. Every morning I rush to get the news. New attacks every day. While the shooting goes along the border. No progress yet. Our friends from Mariupol say that very heavy shelling is taking place near Mariupol. Therefore, I ask you to pray for peace in Ukraine. For us, this is very, very important. How valuable it is when there is peace, when there is a clear sky above your head. Thank you for helping our ministry, for taking care of us."

As well as storing up food and essentials and looking after struggling local families, Irina points out other struggles they face currently, in the middle of their winter:

"we were able to buy solid fuel for heating the house.

this is a very expensive purchase. The government raised

the price of gas and electricity. the price of fuel has increased by 2 times."

Please pray for the Ukraine. And if you feel that you would like to start monthly contributions or give a one off donation to Irina and her orphanage, please email us and we will make sure any donations get to them to help them through this season.

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